Matchbook limited edition woodcut prints

matchbook limited edition woodcut prints

Friends of mine are aware I have the unfortunate talent of remembering obscure details. This print of two open matchbooks is iconic of such details. The words were penned by my friend Chris in 1997 one evening while socializing after work. Chris is notorious for pulling ideas from the sky, writing things down and punctuating with his signature.

Immediately precious, the matchbooks found their way to my pocket and later into safe storage. The text reads, “My dream is to have sex’ with Selma Hayatt [Salma Hayek] and after she lights up a cigar and we smoke it!!” and “If I had to be anyone else other than me, I would be the ORB and wear tiny round glasses and play song #3 clouds!”

Salma Hayek is self-explanatory and the Orb is an electronic music group. We were listening to an EP of “Little Fluffy Clouds”; now you have an insight into our mindset during that time.

The edition is limited to 15 prints (print is 6″x8″ sheet is 9″x12″); price $20.00 each. Contact me for  availability.

Compact Disc / DVD Whirligig Prototype

Recently I made a batch of whirligig propeller hubs for my father. A whirligig propeller hub rotates on an axle and firmly holds the propeller blades. The particular hubs I made for my father are for making yard decorations such as birds with alternately spinning wings. My father easily creates the rest of the whirligig with properly tuned hubs in his possession.

Technical details fresh in my memory encouraged me to prototype whirligigs of my own design. With hard drive storage becoming more affordably available I figured I would recycle my old CDs and DVD into propeller blades. The data patterns on discs distort light in colorful and playful ways. This is the first prototype, once the disc whirligig functions to my satisfaction I intend on selling easy to build kits.

Driftwood art from Southwest Utah


driftwood art from southwest utahEarlier this month my wife and I rode Amtrak from New Jersey to Salt Lake City roundtrip. Two and a half days each direction allowed for much rest and relaxation in our sleeping accommodations. When we arrived in Salt Lake City we joined up with our woodcarving friend Lydia from Germany. Together we drove to southwest Utah to for a week of hiking and fun.

I returned from the trip with three small pieces of driftwood responsibly collected during our adventures. After the driftwood was treated to insure no hitchhikers were present I cut and planed the wood flat on one side to hang on a wall. These pretty pieces of Mother Nature’s art remind us of how beautiful Southern Utah is and the wonderful time we shared there.

Poodle Trash Can Lid

wooden poodle trash can lidAfter many years of behaving while alone in our home our poodle Fleur finally found a mind of her own. Recently my wife returned home to find the lidless bathroom trashcan turned inside out. Instead of running out to purchase a new bin with a lid, I headed to the workshop. The poodle handled lid was designed on the fly as it was built. The lid fits snugly in the inside lip of the can. So far it has not been compromised; my fingers are crossed.