Sunny Day Chainsaw Cherry Wood Milling Fun

john p chismar milling

Last weekend’s beautiful weather allowed me to spend loads of time outdoors. I worked on cutting the mortises and tenons for the saddle stool. I’ll hopefully be finishing the construction of that project next weekend.

Sunny Day Chainsaw Cherry Wood Milling Fun

I also got the chainsaw out to play. Last year I obtained a few large cherry wood logs from a friend. I decided it was time to start turning the logs into something more usable. I used the chainsaw to square out cubes from the center of each log. The cubes will wait in dry storage until I am ready to carve something from them.

Sunny Day Chainsaw Cherry Wood Milling Fun

Then the chainsaw and other tools were used to mill the sapwood / bark cutoffs into small pieces of craft wood boards for small projects. I may have plans for these boards but I need to finish up a few projects before I start another one.

Hurricane Sandy Saddle Stool Part 1

hurricane sandy saddle stool

This is the beginning of a saddle style pub stool from wood from the fallout of Hurricane Sandy. I collected the wood while hiking in the forest and walking Fleur in my neighborhood. The legs are made from beech wood; as will the remaining support structure. The seat is made from a beautiful piece of basswood I collected from a fallen tree in a park near my home.

I receive a great deal of satisfaction making lumber from what would otherwise be firewood. It is fun experimenting different ways of milling lumber at home with a minimum of tools. Sometimes things work out great; sometimes projects find their way into the chimenea. Good and bad outcomes are welcome and there is always something to be learned.

Hopefully my saddle style pub stool will cooperate and become something beautiful. So far, so good. The support structure will be entirely mortise and tenon construction, formed with handsaw and carpenter chisels. This project is sure to keep me busy for the coming days.