Wind-Driven Mechanical Whirligig Starter Kit

On a whim during early 2013 I placed a few wooden whirligig parts on eBay to see if they’d sell. To my amazement they sold out in days! I made more; those sold as well. Thanks to customer requests my production expanded to include various whirligig parts and hard to find brass hardware. Now, a year later and with thanks to my friend Judy in TN, I am proud to introduce my Wind-Driven Mechanical Whiligig Starter Kit. This kit required a good deal of thought and trial an error; I am very happy with the final product.

This kit is everything necessary to build a base and wind powered motor for your own creation. The builder is free to decide the configuration and theme on their own. I get a thrill contributing my skills to the unique creations of other whirligig enthusiasts. This kit is for sale on eBay for $25 plus s/h. Please email me, if you have any suggestions to improve the kit, or if you need a completely different setup.

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