Urban Lumberjack @ 2014 Greater Newark (NJ) Maker Faire


urban lumberjack @ 2014 greater newark maker faire

It’s official! Saturday, April 5, 2014 I am presenting an exhibit titled “Urban Lumberjack” at the Greater Newark (NJ) Maker Faire. Urbandictionary defines “Urban Lumberjack” as, “A city dweller who makes a habit of wearing plaids and flannel although he or she has little to no outdoor experience.” This flavor of Urban Lumberjack does not interest me.

Unlike the hipster variety, real Urban Lumberjacks utilize natural, raw materials from their urban environment. Storm damaged trees and curbside trash provides a bounty of supplies to a person with knowhow and willingness to work. Items I created from such treasures will include a side table cut from a curbside tree stump and a sculpture of Adventure Time BMO (Beemo) carved from a section of fallen forest oak tree. See you there!

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