Enemies of Wood – Insect Damaged Wood

enemies of wood - insect damaged wood

A friend expressed interest in wood grain and the processes involved in its construction. I shared a link to a Project Gutenberg EBook titled Seasoning of Wood by Joseph B Wagner, an excellent reference for anyone interested in wood and lumber. The response I received regarding the book included an appreciation for the images of insect damage to trees. Immediately my mind went straight to a small piece of sycamore I’ve had on my workbench for quite some time.

The wood is actually from the sycamore stump End Table (2014) is made from. Over the past months I’ve picked this piece of wood up to chuck it into the firewood bin; I didn’t have the heart to burn it. When I learned my friend was intrigued by insect damaged wood I went to work smoothing the surface and applying finish. Once the wood was all prettied up I packed it and sent it to my friend. Hopefully my friend won’t mind the wood cluttering up their space.