Carving with Vic Hood at the American Woodcarving School

Vic Hood Wood Carving Class

A great time was had this past weekend at the American Woodcarving School with guest artist Vic Hood. The instruction method Vic employs is fun, informative and practical.  The three day seminar focused on woodcarving the human head and face. Everything (proportionally) technical to carve a head was clearly explained in six minutes. Vic used the remainder of the three days to tell jokes and reinforce human proportions through demonstration and individual tutoring. For many students, including me, it was the first time carving freshly felled wet wood.

My artistic ambitions directed me to carve a female bust (image right); the other students chose to carve men of various backgrounds. The unhurried and supportive environment provided an easy fun feel well suited for long days of carving. Although our carvings were unfinished after three days, each carving was nicely roughed out with important features in place.  I won the raffle for Vic’s demonstration carving (image left) by being the very last name drawn from the bowl, “the biggest loser wins”. The irony of the only student to carve a female bust winning the male demonstration bust was noted by many. I won the piece, by losing, fair and square.

The female bust will wait in queue with several other half completed projects. Perhaps she will persuade me to cut to the front of the line.