Yard Stake Wine Glass Holster for the hammock

yard stake wine glass holster for the hammock

The high heat and humidity of this summer has withdrawn providing a prime climate for back yard lounging. A corner of our yard is dubbed “the hammock nook” because the location is shady and has two trees perfectly spaced to string a hammock. My wife found the uneven ground under the hammock proved tricky to place a wine glass. She requested a holster which could be staked into the ground for smooth and easy glass docking.

I gathered some scraps from the workshop and put this item together for her. The steak is designed to go into the ground at an 85 degree angle toward the user. The angle creates a space under the holster to provide plenty of room (95 degrees) for the foot of the glass. We didn’t give it a genuine test drive yet, but I’m certain it will work. If the boss disagrees I have plenty more scraps in the basement and more ideas for improvement.

Butternut Butterflies

butternut butterflies

This weekend I dodged the humidity and stayed indoors. I continue to organize and clean the workshop, usually leaving a larger mess than when I started. In the process I find lost tools, forgotten projects and inspiration to keep me distracted from the task at hand. A while ago I was asked to make a butterfly toy. For a year the subject stewed finally boiling over to motivate creative action.

The result, butternut butterflies. The design of the butterfly is much like that of a hinge. The two wings are connected by a pin inserted through a knuckle with the appearance of a butterfly body. The wings rotate 270° around the knuckle mimicking the fluttering of butterfly wings.

Butternut wood, also known as White Walnut, grows in the eastern states and is a popular wood for woodcarvers and furniture makers. Butternut works easily with sharp tools and the grain is attractive with finish applied.