Butternut Butterflies

butternut butterflies

This weekend I dodged the humidity and stayed indoors. I continue to organize and clean the workshop, usually leaving a larger mess than when I started. In the process I find lost tools, forgotten projects and inspiration to keep me distracted from the task at hand. A while ago I was asked to make a butterfly toy. For a year the subject stewed finally boiling over to motivate creative action.

The result, butternut butterflies. The design of the butterfly is much like that of a hinge. The two wings are connected by a pin inserted through a knuckle with the appearance of a butterfly body. The wings rotate 270° around the knuckle mimicking the fluttering of butterfly wings.

Butternut wood, also known as White Walnut, grows in the eastern states and is a popular wood for woodcarvers and furniture makers. Butternut works easily with sharp tools and the grain is attractive with finish applied.

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