Wood carved 12-crossing Brunnian link

wood carved 12-crossing brunnian link

While preparing for my Colorado River vacation I needed to decide what creative distractions to bring. My previous blog post made clear I brought some watercolor sketching supplies. I also brought a sharp carving knife and a few pieces of basswood. One of the basswood pieces was a rough-out I prepared to carve a 12-crossing Brunnian link.

Wikipedia explains, “In knot theory, a branch of topology, a Brunnian link is a nontrivial link that becomes a set of trivial unlinked circles if any one component is removed. In other words, cutting any loop frees all the other loops (so that no two loops can be directly linked).” An astute reader of my blog will recall me bringing a non-successful carving project with me to the Taste of Country music festival. The project I intended to make at the festival was the 12-crossing Brunnian link. I took a cube of black walnut with me and hardly made a dent in it.

I was determined to complete this project on vacation, without success. The image above shows the rough-out I packed for the trip, how far along I got with the project on vacation and the finished project. When I brought home the unfinished project I wanted to chuck it into the chiminea bin. Instead, this weekend I rolled up my sleeves, dug my heels in and refused to look up until the project was complete. All in all I thought the project was going to be a relaxing walk in the park; as with many things those little links demanded a little more focus and dedication to get the job done.

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