Chicken of the Woods – Sulphur Shelf

chicken of the forest - sulphur shelf

While hiking over the weekend I was going about my regular routine, hunting for interesting bits of wood and fallen trees. My wife and I expedited the return to the car with an adventuresome detour from the beaten path. A mushroom or fungus growing on the base of a tree trunk caught my eye. While hiking in the woods I spot many Artists Fungus and Turkey Tail  mushrooms, what I spotted was definitely neither of those.

Lucky for me I was carrying a trusty mushroom pocket field guide, my eye immediately found the bright orange-yellow illustration. I glanced down to read “Chicken of the Forest”. Certainly, I thought, this brightly colored thing was poisonous. I went on to read more, ” Choice edible”. What?

Out came my pocket knife and a clean doggie poo bag; I went to work harvesting the goods. When we returned home I fired up some olive oil in a pan, cleaned the fungus and dropped it in the hot oil with a dash of salt. After a few minutes of cooking my wife and I decided to add a splash of my homemade raisin wine for extra flavor. Delicious! I should have taken it all. Hopefully another hiker will be fortunate enough to stumble on the treat.

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