Where is Olifant / Secret Santa 2014

where is olifant / secret santa 2014
Working in a creative industry provides me an opportunity to work with many talented people. My department held a Secret Santa recently and my recipient was my co-worker Doug. Doug writes children’s stories about a character Olifant who forages for berries in Central Park.

It only made sense for Secret Santa to carve a wooden Olifant sculpture. It took about five hours to carve over a few evenings. It was a blast to carve. I almost didn’t want to give it away. The design of the character provided fun shapes, curves and volumes to bring the form to life.

Cypress Wood Three Handle Step Stools

blog-141210-stoolcypressChristmas is around the corner and I’m busy in the workshop making my last minute crafts. My sister requested a handle step stool after seeing the giraffe stool I made a while ago. I decided it was time to put something similar together for her. While at the task I figured I’d make a few; besides I needed to clear out some extra cypress wood bits cluttering the workshop.

This photo was taken before finish was applied. The step is eight inches from the ground. The construction is through mortise and tenon, no screws or nails are used. One of these stools is for my sister Sue (Merry Christmas if you’re reading); the other two are for sale.

As for now it’s back to the workshop to make more stuff.

2014 Christmas Card Woodblock Print Postcards

2014 christmas card woodblock print postcards
It’s hard to believe Halloween and Thanksgiving is behind us now. I started a Halloween woodcarving which I thought I’d have completed by Halloween, somehow I was sidetracked. I’ll share that Halloween carving when it’s finished – which will hopefully be soon.
Continuing my holiday tradition I printed carved woodblock print holiday postcards to send to friends and family the weekend after Thanksgiving. The photo is a sneak peak, this year the prints were made with black, blue or gold ink. The card colors were chosen randomly for the recipients. Personally I am unable to choose which color I like the most, each color adds its own character to the design.
Both Amy and I hope our postcards shine a little holiday light into our friend’s lives.