Corrugated Cardboard UPS Box Camera Obscura

corrugated cardboard ups box camera obscura

Often the simplest things fascinate me. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the camera obscura and the various parts the camera obscura played in history – especially art history. I always understood such a device was possible and that it was a simple device. I never imagined 5 minutes in the basement and a UPS box was all I needed to make such a thing.

Let me rewind. I’ve been busy working on making rustic electrified table top lamps for a family wedding coming in the Summer. More on that in future posts. I have all my electronics equipment sprawled througout my workshop along with bits of trees and tools. I decided to tidy up the basement but, looking at my workbench, my eyes went straight to my helping hands with magnifier. Magnifier! Forget cleaning! I quickly removed the magnifier from the helping hands and began to search around. Box. Box. Box.

I found a small, empty UPS box. I traced around the magnifying glass, grabbed a carpet cutter and cut the appropriate sized hole for the glass lens in the box. I cut a rectangle out of the opposite end of the box and taped the first piece of white paper I found laying around over the hole. I directed the lens end of the box at a lightbulb and the white paper illuminated like a TV displaying a lightbulb! This is one of life’s moments I will never forget and this won’t be my last experiment, for sure.

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