Full Room Camera Obscura

full room camera obscura

A while back I purchased a lens to create a whole room camera obscura. The only room in our home with appropriate sunlight conditions is where my wife practices her trade. Lucky for me the room wasn’t in use and I was able to black out the windows (I discovered not very well) and position the lens.

My eyes adjusted to the darkened conditions of the room. I was surrounded by our backyard – albeit inverted left-right and upside-down. Amazing! A better job blacking out the windows would enhance the spectacular effect. Nonetheless I was awestruck by watching tree branches sway in the wind in real-time.

I snapped a few pictures (stitched together above) before taking the cardboard off the windows and returning the room to its original condition (debatable if you ask Amy). When the next jumbo sized cardboard box finds its way into my possession I will return to the room with loads of tape and my lens for another try.

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