WAYRA time-lapse wood carving inspired by Fuerza Bruta & F5 Fest

I had the awesome opportunity to attend F5 Fest located at Terminal 5 in New York City on April 17 -18. The fun and inspiring festival provides an opportunity to relax, rub elbows with designer/animators and enjoy motion graphics, the on-location bar provided much liquid inspiration.

Admission to the F5 Fest included tickets to experience Fuerza Bruta Wayra. If you haven’t attended this off-Broadway production drop what you’re doing and go. Spoiler Alert: some action takes place above your head. This wood carving was inspired by an inverted man wearing a neck tie. The distortion of perspective (and a day of fun) created an unforgettable memory.

The basswood carving required about seven hours to complete. The time-lapse video is seven minutes long, each minute roughly representing an hour of carving time. Carving this piece was just as fun as the inspiration. Now I want to carve more!

ElectroCallioBreeze – For Greater Newark Maker Faire April 11 2015

[09.19.2018 There used to be a video demonstration here. I deleted it from YouTube and I’ll replace it when I locate the file]

The ElectroCallioBreeze is the product of several years of occasional experimentation. This contraption has been on my mind for some time. Preparing an exhibit for the Greater Newark Maker Faire was enough reason to invest resources to the project. My sister Suzanne acquired the xylophone at an estate sale a while ago and it sat on a shelf in my workshop reminding, er inspiring, me until now.

If the cogs were directly attached to the propeller shaft the melody would play too fast, sounding like a Wayne’s World dissolve. To slow the rotation of the cogs I created a second shaft with a belt across two different sized wooden gears. With that mechanism complete I experimented with various cogs to trigger the hammers.

Happy with the belt, gears, cogs and hammers I tested and experimented with the electrical continuity across the cogs and hammers. I consulted with electronics genius friend Charlie to insure I wasn’t going to ruin any of my electronic gizmos by attaching them to the mechanism. With a thumbs-up from Charlie I attached various gizmos to hear what would happen.

This video is of my first full-scale test of the project. Following recording the video I made several adjustments and additions for more reliable functionality. One of the additions is bushings between the hammers to prevent them from walking sideways and missing their target. After disconnecting everything I realized I had a few more noisy gizmos I wanted to attach as well. Perhaps I’ll bring the new sounds with me to the Maker Faire Saturday April 11.