WAYRA time-lapse wood carving inspired by Fuerza Bruta & F5 Fest

I had the awesome opportunity to attend F5 Fest located at Terminal 5 in New York City on April 17 -18. The fun and inspiring festival provides an opportunity to relax, rub elbows with designer/animators and enjoy motion graphics, the on-location bar provided much liquid inspiration.

Admission to the F5 Fest included tickets to experience Fuerza Bruta Wayra. If you haven’t attended this off-Broadway production drop what you’re doing and go. Spoiler Alert: some action takes place above your head. This wood carving was inspired by an inverted man wearing a neck tie. The distortion of perspective (and a day of fun) created an unforgettable memory.

The basswood carving required about seven hours to complete. The time-lapse video is seven minutes long, each minute roughly representing an hour of carving time. Carving this piece was just as fun as the inspiration. Now I want to carve more!

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