2490 Drawings Inspired by Keaton Henson – To Your Health

This animation was inspired by the music of Keaton Henson and Elizabeth Harrod’s beautiful dance performance in the To Your Health video. The animation consists of 2490 4″ x 3″ Sharpie drawings on paper drafted over the course of six months. No drawing appears twice in the sequence.

This animation was a personal project to challenge my patience, technical know-how and artistic skills. I decided to tackle the project during December 2014. After a few test sequences I calculated the project to be complete in June 2015. That calculation was based on each frame taking fifteen seconds to draw; that calculation was not accurate. Many of the intricate drawings required upwards of four minutes to complete. Also, as can be expected, many drawings needed to be redrawn for various reasons.

Thanks to my friend Charlie England for simplifying the process of photographing the individual drawings. Charlie engineered an automated camera shutter and light controller specifically for the task. With one button press several photographs were taken of each drawing with various lighting configurations. These variations provided compositing versatility when assembling the animation on the computer.

I worked on this project on the train during my commute, on the couch in front of the TV, on my Hawaiian vacation and any other place I found to sit to work. The task was relaxing and, for the most part, induced a calm state of mind. My imagination was permitted to wander while my eyes and hands were focused on the task of drawing. While creating this project I learned more than I imagined about drawing, anatomy and motion.

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