Rustic LED Firefly Lamp Wedding Reception Table Centerpiece

rustic led firefly lamp wedding reception table centerpiece

Last Friday my niece Nicole was married. When I first heard about the wedding my brain went to work thinking of the various things I can make for table centerpieces. The first idea was to harvest white birch bark to create cylindrical candle covers with heart shaped windows. The first problem facing me with this plan was it was the middle of winter, not the appropriate time to harvest bark from living trees.

The next idea was to cut small sections of tree branches and somehow transform them into candle holders. Vertically standing sections were not stable enough for my satisfaction. The last thing I wanted was to have tall candles falling over on the tables at the reception. Instead I decided to plane a flat side on the branch to lay the wood horizontally on the table. I carved a recess in the wood to hold a tea candle. The result is in the photo above.

My favorite part of the centerpieces were the LED firefly lamps I designed. I built 15 hollow wooden boxes to act as a bases and to hide two AA batteries. Rising from the center of each base is a small steel rod to support the shade and yellow flickering LED arrays I soldered together. The randomly flickering LED lights cast distorted circles on the shade, creating the illusion of fireflies or a gentle fire. A florist provided beautiful and unique floral arrangements to compliment the centerpiece as a whole.

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