Acrylic / Oil Paint Artists Toolbox Carry Case

acrylic / oil paint artists toolbox carry case

Recently Amy and I joined an evening painting class at the Yard School in Montclair, NJ. Class is going well and we’re having fun and learning new skills. Purchasing the necessary materials was a job in itself; transporting the heaps of supplies to class in an organized manner proved equally overwhelming.

After the first class I returned home and constructed a handled box similar to an old fashioned toolbox. This toolbox transported the original supplies easily to our second lesson. As the second lesson concluded the teacher provided an expanded list of paints. The original list required four paints, the expanded paint list included thirteen additional colors. Our storage required expansion while maintaining a small footprint to accommodate the tight quarters of the artist’s studio.

Because Amy and I are sharing the paint I designed storage doubling as a handy paint tray. The box for the paint tubes fits inside the toolbox. The two doors on top of the paint box open two hundred and seventy degrees flush with the sides of the box. Each door includes a slot cut through the center allowing the paint tray to saddle the toolbox handle. This design seems to work well for our needs and hopefully will be used a few weeks before requiring a redesign.

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