Wooden Holder for Bar of Shower Soap

wooden bar soap holder

The main bathroom in our home was recently remodeled. In the end the project turned out nice; not without a good deal of aggravation stemming from our contractor. A few odds and ends remain to be straightened out then we can finally, after more than four months, put the process behind us.

We’re slowly acclimating to the new decor and layout as we begin to use the space on a regular basis. The first few days I was placing my bar of soap directly on the tile ledge of the shower niche. My mind began browsing the inventory of our home for something that could be used to hold the soap. Then it dawned on me, I can make something.

As usual, the original plan was something ambitious and complicated. I took some time, gave it some thought and simmered the project down to something simple. I grabbed some poplar bits out from the scrap pile and piece of red oak dowel. After a little sawing, drilling, sanding and gluing I had myself a soap tray for the shower. It’s doing its job nicely and the more I look at it the more I like it.

Black Walnut Hardwood Amethyst Mineral Display Peg Stand / Holder

black walnut hardwood amethyst mineral display peg stand holder

My wife received an amethyst stone as a gift from friends who purchased the stone in Sedona, AZ while vacationing. She asked me to make a rectangular display stand for the cherished gift. A few specific design features were included in the initial request which included pegs for the stone to rest on and a slot in the bottom to store the information card.

My first attempt was ┬ápiece of live edge cedar that I had laying around the basement. I knew it wasn’t a rectangular base – and it was a little larger than the volume her hands originally implied. Yeah, she didn’t go for it. A day or two later I saw a schematic drawing, including measurements subtly placed on the coffee table.

I went to work on attempt number two. I grabbed a piece of black walnut, it seems each time I’m making something fancy I grab black walnut, and went to work. Once I figured out how to make the thin slot for the card the rest came together easily. After sanding I added linseed oil to make the grain pop. It’s pretty much what Amy wanted – she’s looking forward to showcasing her amethyst gift.

Halloween Wood Carving Edgar Allen Poe Black Cat Sculpture

halloween wood carving edgar allen poe black cat sculpture

A couple years ago I started a small woodcarving based on the Black Cat story by Edgar Allen Poe. My intention was to gift the piece to someone on a certain, special occasion. Circumstances beyond my control prevented the timely completion of the piece and it sat in my workshop unfinished. This weekend I decided to dig in and get it done..

It feels great to have another forgotten project off the dusty workshop shelf and now presented on a non-dusty living room shelf. I have a “Santa” patiently waiting in the workshop for his turn on the carving vice. Inspired by completing the Black Cat, I hope to keep the momentum and have Mr Claus in the living room by Christmas.

On a side note, Amy and I participated in the first annual Watsessing Park Fall Clean Up on Sunday November 1st 2015. We had a fun time exploring the park and scavenging around for bits of trash to pick up. Everyone was there, Bloomfield High School sports teams and cheerleaders and even the Bloomfield Fire Department was there to lend a hand. We look forward to volunteering next year.