Black Walnut Hardwood Amethyst Mineral Display Peg Stand / Holder

black walnut hardwood amethyst mineral display peg stand holder

My wife received an amethyst stone as a gift from friends who purchased the stone in Sedona, AZ while vacationing. She asked me to make a rectangular display stand for the cherished gift. A few specific design features were included in the initial request which included pegs for the stone to rest on and a slot in the bottom to store the information card.

My first attempt was  piece of live edge cedar that I had laying around the basement. I knew it wasn’t a rectangular base – and it was a little larger than the volume her hands originally implied. Yeah, she didn’t go for it. A day or two later I saw a schematic drawing, including measurements subtly placed on the coffee table.

I went to work on attempt number two. I grabbed a piece of black walnut, it seems each time I’m making something fancy I grab black walnut, and went to work. Once I figured out how to make the thin slot for the card the rest came together easily. After sanding I added linseed oil to make the grain pop. It’s pretty much what Amy wanted – she’s looking forward to showcasing her amethyst gift.

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