Bathroom Towel Caddy and Scale Garage

Now that our bathroom renovation is nearly complete we are settling in and hashing out the small details. Spare towels and washcloths were stored in a large wicker basket on the floor in the previous iteration of the bathroom. The basket has taken a beating over time and it doesn’t necessarily match the new décor therefore Amy requested a new towel caddy.

Towel Caddy Scale Garage

Several designs were drafted by Amy before she submitted the final plans for the “towel caddy / scale garage”. Amy indicated in the verbal brief included with the delivery of the design the final project will be painted white. For this reason the variety of wood is unimportant. Initially I was going to use MDF but changed my mind because I don’t believe it will tolerate the periods of high humidity in the bathroom.

In the end I used half inch thick cabinet grade plywood and capped the exposed ends with solid pine. I was going to use oak because it’s durable, but the wood grain of oak reveals through paint. Biscuit joints were utilized to reinforce areas potentially weakened by overstuffing towels into a small space. I added holes for handles to the design to make the caddy easier to move around. The build is complete and is waiting for a few coats of paint.

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