Family Christmas Craft 2015 – Giving My Father’s Puffin Whirligigs Wings

wooden alaska puffin bird wind instructions

A few years ago the Chismar family decided to stop purchasing Christmas gifts for one another. Instead, our family began to create unique crafts to exchange as gifts. The crafts include baked treats, wall clocks, rosaries, placemats and many other imaginative items. The craft exchange is always a hit with much excitement surrounding the reveal of each invention.

A few years ago my father decided to make everyone a puffin bird whirligig, replicating a whirligig he purchased on vacation in Alaska several years prior. The bodies of the puffins were carefully cut out and painted by my father’s hand. The wooden dowel used as the axle for the propeller wings were also cut, painted and inserted into the body. Unfortunately the propeller wings could not be completed in time for the holiday, so the project was packed up and stored in the garage.

About a year ago the box of puffin bodies was passed on to me, where it was stored in my workshop. This year I decided to add wings to my father’s puffin whirligigs. The original wings were plastic and attached to a dowel hub. Preferring wooden parts over plastic parts I created mini hubs and propellers from poplar scraps around the workshop. I spray painted the propeller assembly black and attached each to the axle dowel with a brass screw. It is my hope that we will enjoy our puffins for years to come.

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