The Little Match Girl – 2015 Woodblock Print Christmas Card

Hans Christian Andersen short story

Nothing says Christmas more than a tale about a little girl surrendering to hypothermia, alone on the street, afraid her father will beat her if she returned home. The Little Match Girl is a holiday tale penned by Hans Christian Andersen. The story is about a young girl forced out to the cold winter streets by her abusive father to sell matches to pedestrians about town.

Unsuccessful at her task and frightened to return home she huddles near a niche for warmth. To pass time and keep warm she begins striking matches. With each match strike the girl experiences wonderful holiday visions of food, fun and family. A shooting star reminds the girl of her grandmother explaining a shooting star is a soul entering heaven. The happy ending? The little match girl dies and joins her grandmother in eternal paradise.

Remembering the story I decided to make The Little Match Girl my Christmas card theme. The design process proved trickier than I originally anticipated. My first designs were of a shooting star, a flying grandma, the face of a little girl illuminated by a match, soaring Christmas trees and floating food. In short, the designs were too busy or gloomy. In the end I decided to join elements of grandma with shooting star and match strike sparks. It’s best to allow the imagination of the viewer to complete the scene.

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