Basswood : Great Wood to Carve and Delicious Edible

jchismar edible basswood bud
Basswood leaf bud

Spring is here and with Spring comes green and pretty flowers for all to enjoy. Personally I couldn’t wait for it to unfold. All winter I’ve had the urge to get my forage on. Now that it’s here it’s time to finally dig in! Many dandelion flowers have made their way to my belly while out walking about the neighborhood. I’ll admit, some were sweeter than others.

Basswood trees are one of the first trees that come to life when as the weather improves. Every walk with Fleur included examining local basswood trees to see if they were ripe for the picking. All of the recent rain brought with it nature’s magic! The basswood trees went into overdrive, many from bud to leaf overnight.

Luckily there are plenty of buds to be found. The leaf buds have a soft texture and taste slightly sweet with a mild cucumber flavor, though my palette is not expertly trained. The mature leaves are okay to eat as well but the green bitterness tends to increase with size and age.  I have my eye out for more varieties of tasty morsels but they’ll come a little later in the season. Bon appetit!

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