Lt. Studster’s Unofficial Flying Aces Club (FAC) 101 Newsletter.

Okay. Okay. The title says it all. I’ve decided to write my own monthly FAC newsletter for newcomers to the Flying Aces Club and rubber powered stick and tissue freeflight airplane models. “Why?” – Great question! There’s already a slew of useful information to be found online and beyond.

As a newcomer to the hobby, I’ve found all the information somewhat overwhelming – and unorganized. Even though I’ve yet to take first place at a FAC contest – I’ve learned a lot. By “learned a lot” I mean I’ve spent unnecessary cash on stuff I didn’t need – and gained modeling experience beyond my abilities because I didn’t know what I was getting into.

Now, a few years into the hobby, experience and research has provided a wealth of knowledge that I’d like to share. The intent of FAC101 is to organize and share what I’ve learned. I’m not the highest or longest flying pilot in the fleet – and I may never be. The hobby is supposed to be fun – not frustrating. I personally enjoy building more than flying, the camaraderie of meeting with other FAC pilots at contests is priceless.

As for “Lt. Studster”? I was christened the title when I registered for my first contest, the 2018 FAC NATS. The gent that registered me asked what I wanted to be called. I replied, “John” and I was told that wasn’t a fun name. He caught a glance at my email address on the entry form and said, “Studster” will do. That’s the story.

The FAC101 newsletters could be accessed from the menu on the top of the screen, “Studster’s Flying Aces Newsletter”. This monthly newsletter is just getting started. I have a lot of information mapped out for future issues. They’ll all be short and informative – and feel free to chime in if you have something to add or you disagree.

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