Kalalau Trail Topographic Map and Backpacking Tips

lalalau trail topographic map and backpacking tips

Some of you may recall my wife and I hiked the Kalalau Trail on the Na Pali Coast of Kauai, Hawaii the last week of May 2015. When I was planning the trip I searched high and low for a good map of the Kalalau Trail with no success. The first complete map I found of the trail was in the parking lot at the trail head. I took a photo of the map and used the map on my camera screen while we were on the trail.

I brought the photo of the map home and digitally cleaned up the artwork in Photoshop. I added a few tips and hints regarding what I learned about parking safely and good places to camp along the way. I’ve done my very best to match the map at the trail head. To my recollection this map reflects what I experienced during my backpacking adventure on the Kalalau Trail.

I am sharing this map to help plan your adventure. The above image is only a small section of the complete map. Please remember, I am not a cartographer and I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.

Kalalau Trail Complete: 24 MB: (1) 21″ x 9″ page
Kalalau Trail 3 Pages: 16 MB: (3) 8.5″ x 11″ pages

Trees of Watsessing Park, Bloomfield NJ

trees of watsessing park bloomfield nj
Download the map as a printable PDF

Watsessing Park is located in Essex County New Jersey which spreads across two towns East Orange and Bloomfield. The Olmstead Brothers (sons of Central Park designer Frederick Law Olmstead) designed the landscape of Watsessing Park. The park is near my home and Fleur, my standard poodle, walks me in Watsessing several times a week.   Over the years of walking through the park and waiting for Fleur to smell the roses I found myself examining the trees in the park. I found a variety of different leaves, bark, nuts, flowers and seeds. It surprised me as a woodworking enthusiast how little I knew about defining the types of trees. Each time I passed through the park I would collect a leaf, or a fallen branch and bring it home to investigate the specimen.

This is how this obsession started, the obsession of the Trees of Watsessing Park. I decided to map the entire park and catalog each tree to the best of my ability. My first attempt was to make a Google Map of the park, but that became messy very quickly. It is hard to accurately place trees because the graphic map does not accurately match the satellite image, and there is no accurate way to determine a path.

Over the course of a few weeks I’d spend an hour walking the park with a handheld GPS creating a waypoint for every tree providing my best guess for the tree type. I loaded the waypoints from the unit to prepare them for map making. Not only are the hundreds more trees than I originally thought, I found it hard to accurately match the waypoints to a map.  Because of this I made the decision to map only the section of Watsessing Park which is closest to my home, the northern section.

After more than a year of drawing and redrawing maps I’m finally satisfied with something that may make sense to someone. I plan to continuously update and verify this map; if you are able to add information or point out mistakes please share with me. Updates to this map and some behind the scenes will be provided on the Trees of Watsessing page.