Peanut Scale Model Airplane Plans and Articles

Vintage Peanut Scale Model Airplane Articles and Plans

The following is a list of Peanut Scale model airplane plans with articles. The articles and plans were published in various magazines in the 1960’s through the 1980’s. Much of this information is available online as scanned PDF files of the magazines. I have transcribed the articles for easy online browsing. New PDF files were created that print to scale on standard Letter sized (8.5″ x 11″) paper. These plans will usually print on two sheets of paper and need to be trimmed and joined.

There aren’t many plans currently listed here, but there are many on the way! I hope to add at least one article with plan per week. So check back regularly. If there is something specific you’re looking for drop me a line, I may have what you need.

I am not affiliated with the magazines or authors of these articles. This information is shared as a fellow hobbyist to encourage this fascinating hobby and to preserve its rich history.

Pres Brunning

● Curtiss S03C – Model Builder November 1974

Don Butman

● Okay Peanut – The Model Builder November 1975

Frank Ehling

● Dart-Too – Model Aviation July 1975 – not really a Peanut, but still fun!

Bill Hannan

● Peanuts By Post – Aero Modeller October 1975
● Back To The Sticks – 1974-1975 Aeromodeller Annual

Ed Hayn

● Roland D-VIII – Model Builder December 1975

Gordon Israel

● “Red Head” – Model Builder March 1975

Walt Mooney

● 1908 Bleriot IV – Model Builder May 1975
● B.A.T. Baboon – Model Builder June 1975
● Davis DA-5A – Model Builder January 1976
● Fokker D-VI – The Model Builder November 1971
● Laird LC-DC – The Model Builder December 1971
● Macchi MB 308 – The Model Builder August 1974
● Monocoupe 110 Special – The Model Builder May 1973
● Ord-Hume O-H 7 English Homebuilt – The Model Builder January 1972
● Peanut SE5 – Model Builder March 1974
● Peanut Nakajima KI.27a – Model Builder November 1976
● Wickner “Wicko” – Model Builder June 1974

Hank Nixon

● “Mr. Mulligan” – Model Builder August 1073

Dennis Norman

● P-47D Thunderbolt – Model Builder July 1975