1935 Huff Sky-Test Flight Trainer

1935 Flying Aces Magazine Huff Sky-Test Flight Simulator / Trainer

Most of you know I’ve nearly abandoned all of my previous hobbies for rubber powered balsa wood and tissue paper free flight airplanes. On that front nothing has changed. I apologize for not posting more of my progress, but I don’t have much of value to share – there’s better sites for information and inspiration. Yup, my model planes sure look great – unfortunately they’re just not ready to break any duration records – yet.

As a member of the Flying Aces Club I’ve also become obsessed with 1930’s issues of the Flying Aces magazine. I’ve been collecting as many as possible and carefully scanning, restoring and saving the files as PDF documents. If you’re trying to unload your collection of FA magazines – I’d be happy to take them off your hands, no matter the condition.

While scanning the December 1935 issue of FA magazine I came across this ad for the Huff Sky-Test. I’ve never seen this ad in any other issue thus far. It caught my eye – looks like a neat project to build. Look how much fun that spiffy young fella is having!

I did a little searching around the web for more information and came up empty handed. I figured I’d post the ad on my blog to get the ball rolling. Maybe someone will find this post and be kind enough to share more information. (Hint. Hint). I need a reason to fire up the woodworking workshop again!

After all, “A few hours at the controls of the HUFF SKY-TEST qualifies you as a FUTURE FLIER OF AMERICA.” Somehow I don’t think free Certificates of Membership are currently available.