Watercolor Sketches

During August 2014 I vacationed on a two-week Grand Canyon O.A.R.S. Colorado River Dory Boat adventure. I had an
outrageously awesome time making new friends, gawking at the stunning scenery and taking in everything Mother Nature has
to offer. I stole a few solitude moments to plein air watercolor sketch the enchanted surroundings. I mailed a few of
these water color sketches from Phantom Ranch as postcards. Items mailed from Phantom Ranch bear a post office ink stamp
which reads, “Mailed by mule from the bottom of the Grand Canyon”.

The canyon seems to nurture creativity providing intoxicating landscapes full of inspiration. Being in the canyon on the
Colorado was a thrilling experience. New friendships were formed as well as great memories. Words and photographs cannot
describe the Grand Canyon; the canyon must be experienced from within to be truly appreciated. I am thankful for the
privilege of two weeks in the good hands of O.A.R.S. on the water and in the sand, sleeping under the Milky Way.